Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Unbeatable price, Nice sound, Ultra-portable, Good battery life

No USB slot or Memory card

Smaller and lighter – Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is perfect companion for any mobile phone. The quality of sound is surprisingly very good, and Xiaomi is charging you only Rs 1,999.

It comes with a pouch which can protect scratches and the speaker is all metallic in several colors.

The speaker can be paired with phone by pressing the Power button and if long pressed then it will give you the battery status. The volume up and down buttons can also be used by double up to change the tracks. The speaker can be used as speakerphone for calls, as it has a mic. This it also be connected with cable instead of Bluetooth, if you want to.

The phone has standard micro-USB inlet to charge the speaker, and the battery charges pretty fast and lasts about eight hours. A perfect companion on a trip and yes, this can be an excellent gift for family or friends.

What it doesn’t have is a micro-SD card slot, which the Chinese version allegedly does.