Google might allow app developers to keep 85% of app subscription payments

Google Play

Google App developers do earn money in several ways including app price, advertising, or offering periodic services. There are areas like Google Play Store, movie, books, music, and app.

Any paid apps through Google Play have the fee equivalent to 30% of the app price, which is kept by Google and rest 70% is kept by the developer. And, the same goes for subscription services.

The way Apple took decision to reduce the transaction fee to 15%, it looks that Google might follow the footsteps. Apple’s split value will be changed from 70/30 to 85/15 and as per Google’s probable plan, the move will be from 70/30 to 85/15 and all subscriptions will be applied immediately and not after a year like in apple.

It looks that iOS will keep on receiving the traditional 70% of the subscription price on auto-renewable subscription during the subscriber’s first year, but for android developers, it will be increase in revenue to 85% of the subscription price the moment a subscription is made.

Like Apple’s new revenue structure, it is thought that Google’s new revenue structure will apply to all existing subscriptions as well (at the next billing cycle).